A Critical Mistake Most Men Make Emailing Women Online

By Dave M.




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Did you know… There is a HUGE mistake most guys make when emailing women online.

It’s something most guys are doing in their emails and yet they aren’t even AWARE OF.

Watch this video and see if you’re also making the same mistake emailing women online like this guy is.

(yes the video is blurry and ghetto looking, but listen to the advice, there’s gold there)

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3 Comments to A Critical Mistake Most Men Make Emailing Women Online

  1. Great advice Dave… What do you do if you are in a situation where there aren’t any quality women locally, like a rural country area? I’ve found that I had to maintain the conversation for quite a while before figuring out if it is worth traveling a couple hours to meet someone. I understand this isn’t ideal and would push for a meet right away if the woman was local.


    Comment by Robert — @ 10:24 AM

  2. As usual I get a lot from your advice.
    Offline, I’m damn good – online I’m learning.

    I travel a lot. Being able to meet women at home when I’m gone or busy, and then meeting them later (NOT 2 weeks later! haha) is perfect.

    Comment by Harry — @ 12:49 PM

  3. hi dave,well im following your advice.i fixed my profile.i have only pictures of me in there with my work buddies and some girls that are friends and pretty nice looking.i sent out that email.my profile is on pof.i got several girls looking at my profile after the email but none responded.im not sure whats happening.maybe its my headline.i have a funny a guy who wears matching socks or do i? i think its funny.i am talking to a girl for a few weeks.she says she doesnt meet strangers because of a bad relationship,so wants to talk on line a bit to see if i change and not just a user or player but she wont show me a picture.she keeps on saying she will but doesnt get around to it.another girl,she lives around 2 hrs away was talking to me then little by little stopped answering my messages.can you give me a good title for my profile if you think of any.i copied a bit of the stalker profile you had.thanks

    Comment by john — @ 8:08 PM

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