How To Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever With Women

By Dave M.




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I’m excited to share this video with YOU.

It walks you through a process I use with my one-on-one private coaching clients and helps them get absolute clarify on what they want, and how to get there in the shortest time possible.

I’ve never taught it before, kind of nervous about it – but I think the video will help you, which is why I’ve made it for you free of charge and with no strings attached.

Watch the video below and make 2013 your best year with women ever.



You can download the process map (PDF) here.

After you’ve watched the video, hold yourself accountable in the comment section below, by giving your personal reply to the 5 areas in the video as follows:






I look forward to reading your comments



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4 Comments to How To Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever With Women

  1. Hey Dave my problem is I get hot womens numbers but when I text them or just call them I can rarely get them on the phone they either say im to busy now through a text to talk or I call then they dont pick up…and I have this ping pong effect like you say that goes no where. I think women dont pick up to unknown numbers usually or just say they are \"to busy\" now to talk. Is there a voicemail I could leave them that will peak their interest enough to call me back?

    Comment by Paul — @ 12:59 PM

  2. @Paul…. how are you getting these numbers in the first place? online? going out?

    Comment by Dave M. — @ 12:29 AM

  3. 1) I want to be getting more intimacy in my life.

    2) I am alone, depressed, frustrated, angry, jealous, lost, tired.

    3) I want to be sharing my life with someone and have them share their life with me.

    4) Very little to almost nothing because of the #2 answer.

    5)I need to step out of my comfort zone, put more effort into at least my online dating stuff, and give everything one last serious go.

    I think that this year I need to out more focous on my profile and sending out emails. I have girls that I’m intrested in. I just need to send them a message or two.

    Comment by Jacy — @ 6:34 AM

  4. Hey Dave,

    I am really interested in your program. I am a little concerned though that it might not work for me. I am 39 years old and am targeting women in the 28-39 age range. My concern is that women (particularly in their mid 30’s) will get turned off by a racy or edgy profile combined with the same in an intro email. Do you have multiple profile/email templates to choose from? Picking the right one might make all the difference!



    Comment by Matt — @ 11:53 PM

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